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A Government recognized home for old, abandoned, orphaned, blind, lame and paralyzed dogs and cats, nursed with unparalleled love and care.

Rescued Dog
Paralyzed Dog
Paralyzed Puppy
Handicapped Dog
Orphan Kitten
Orphan Handicapped Puppy
Rescued Dog
Paralyzed Dog
Paralyzed Puppy
Handicapped Dog
Orphan Kitten
Orphan Handicapped Puppy

Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation gives a permanent home in its New Delhi Shelter to more than one hundred stray and destitute animals, including handicapped, paralyzed, old, abandonned pets, who are not able to lead a stray life.

The Foundation is the brainchild of Late Kalyani Ghosh who was so deeply distressed by the suffering and abuse of stray animals that she decided to dedicate the twilight years of her life to their care and well-being.

Thanks to the help of many generous donors, since its inception in February, 2010, Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation has been successfully carried out the following Animal Welfare Activities:

Rehabilitation of animals with orthopedic and spinal injury and cerebral disorder.
Taking care of senior animals
Healing mental trauma of abandoned pets
Sterilization and vaccination of strays
Helping local villagers with FREE Vaccinations and FREE treatment for their Indian pets and community pets


By contributing ONLY INR 3,000.00,you can sponsor one special-care dog for an ENTIRE MONTH.

More than 20 dogs with various ailments ----- orthopedic and nervous disorders, old age-related issues, low immunity and medically sensitive ----- need regular medical attention, special diet, supplements, and intense care. Your kind donation can help them live in a comfortable and dignified way.


Dog Rehabilitation

For more than eight years, Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation has been operating from a rented premises in Delhi. Despite the constraints, we have more than one hundred animals. Among them, there are many handicapped and orthopedic patients, old animals, orphans, low immunity, and medically sensitive animals. The shelter also houses a number of aggressive dogs and abandoned pets that have no hope of finding a safe haven other than the shelter.

The Foundation needs a bigger and secure place ---- a Permanent Rehabilitation Center ---- to house these animals, and also to expand the scope of its operations.


Rescued Dog
Chahita Banerjee's Rescue

"Each and every soul here are kept as a family member and that is the best part. All of them are treated with Love and Care. Thanks a Lot Dorothy, for taking & bringing up my baby as your own."

- Chahita Banerjee

Rescued Orphan Puppy
Retambra and Ridhima's Rescue

"This is one of the best known shelters in Delhi and I am saying this out of my personal experience which I had while searching for a good place for a stray puppy who got separated from his clan. Since then, I have been an ardent fan of this place and Dorothy Ghosh, the lady behind making it such a reliable place for poochies"

- Ridhima Singh

Rescued Orphan Puppy
Butterscotch with Kumkum Dasgupta

"A few months ago I rescued Butterscotch but unfortunately could not keep him...I chose Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation for him because it's the best shelter I know for strays and abandoned dogs. I know they will take good care of the boy as they do for hundred other animals. I completely trust the foundation because I have also seen their work closely at the current shelter."

- Kumkum Dasgupta

Rescued Dog
Anju Bajpai's Rescue

"What devotion and dedication. Ever smiling Dorothy and her limited helping hands are doing a tremendous job in taking care of sick, abandoned, handicapped canines."

- Anju Bajpai

Spinal Injury
Amber with Annie's Mother

"One of our dog Amber was run over by a motorcycle and everyone said that's the end she won't be able to walk. But because of the sincere hard work and patience amber is now back to a very healthy and mischievous baby again. Thank you for everything."

- Annie Tham Walker

Handicapped Dog
Ron - Riti Tanwar's Rescue

"Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation is an another hope of life for four legged kids over whom we loose HOPE. Kids (Dog and cat) met with accident on road and become paralysed. Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation is the best place to sent them. There kids get wonderful care, love, attention, required treatment and required exercise."

- Riti Tanwar


VISIT: Gallery of random feeding pictures of strays during COVID-19 Lock-down

Animal Welfare Board of india
(Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India)
Recognition Code Number: ND 052/2019

Niti Ayog Unique ID: DL/2018/0190289

FCRA (Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India) Registration Number : 231661854