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Achivements of Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation

Recovery of Paralysis

Many stray dogs are left paralyzed every year due to road accidents or medical reasons. Many are brought to us by kind-hearted humans for treatment and long-term care. Though we don't succeed in healing every paralyzed dog, we are proud to say that our success rate is considerably high in treating such cases. Despite our limited financial and human resources, we treat the animals with medicines, special rehabilitation therapies, love and care, and, above all, immense passion. Adopting a destitute paralyzed animal and ensuring that it walks on its four legs is our real mission, and when they finally accomplish that feat, it is our biggest reward. It gives us hope and a kind of happiness that is unparalleled.

Selected Recent Success Stories


Paralyzed Before 01

Rescuer: Astha Aggarwal
Found In: Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

This playful puppy was run over by a vehicle near Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, in January 2022. The life-threatening accident injured her spine badly. Layla would have died on the road, but a kind soul rescued her and brought her to us for lifetime rehabilitation.

However, Layla responded well to the medical treatment and rehabilitation therapies. Today, she is back to her usual self, running on her four legs all over the compound.

Paralyzed After 01


Paralyzed Before 02

Rescuer: Villagers of Bhati Mines
Found In: Bhati Mines, South Delhi

In January 2022, a speeding truck hit Bagha near Bhati Mines, South Delhi. The kind-hearted local villagers found him on the road, wailing loudly due to intense pain. They rescued him and brought him to the shelter. He had suffered a severe spinal injury due to the accident.

However, treating Bagha, especially physiotherapy, has not been easy. He is an Alpha male and is aggressive towards humans. But our perseverance paid off. He can now stand up on his four legs and walk without assistance.

Paralyzed After 02


Paralyzed Before 03

Rescuer: Amandeep Singh
Found In: West Delhi

Jhumru was found in November 2021 at Shivaji Enclave, West Delhi. He was fully paralyzed and dragging himself around on his hind legs. He had spinal as well as some internal injuries, which seemed to be fatal, due to a road mishap.

Despite our best efforts, Jhumru's spinal and internal injuries took a bit longer time to recover. However, despite the medical hurdles, we succeeded. Today, Jhumru has again started running on his four legs and loves playing with his shelter siblings.

Paralyzed After 03

Lifetime Care of the Lame and the Paralyzed

Permanent Paralysis CareThe paralyzed animals, who could not be cured with treatment, need life-long specialized care. They cannot survive on road. We adopt such animals and nurse them with love and care as long as they live. Our Special Care Unit has housed so many paralyzed dogs and cats ever since its inception.

Similarly, lame animals also need a bit extra care and have to face so many hardships to survive on their own. We adopt such animals and try to assure a happy and healthy life. Our Special Care unit is always full with such handicapped, lame and three legged animals.

Lifetime Care of the Old and the Blind

Old DogsIn addition to the above, the Special Care Unit has many old animals with several age-related ailments such as arthritis, cataract, diabetes, and heart, liver, or kidney diseases. These animals need love and specialized medical care to live a healthy life.

Some of these animals are blind since birth, some are blind with cataract and some have eye-tumors. They cannot survive on the road. They need special care under medical supervision.

Raising Orphans

Orphan kittenEver since the inception of the Foundation, we have successfully raised many orphan puppies and kittens. These have either lost their mothers at a very young age or were rescued even before they could open their eyes. They need a lot of care to survive and grow. Until the initial cycles of vaccinations are over, one can never be sure of their survival.

Cancer Care and Treatment

Treatment of CancerWe have successfully treated different kinds of tumors and cancers in dogs, including nasal cancers, transmissible venereal tumors, mammary gland tumors. We are grateful to our excellent panel of dedicated veterinarians who have surgically removed the tumors or administered chemotherapy and other treatments to cure the patients.

Sponsor Income Tax Benefit for Indian Donors

Our Special Care Unit houses many severely handicapped, lame, paralyzed, blind, orphan and old animals. They need your love and financial support to live a full and happy life.

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